Dinner Groups

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Want to meet new people at St. Paul’s? Or have a great reason to get together with old friends four times a year? 
– Sign up as a single: we will put you in a group
– Sign up as a couple: we will put you in a group
– Sign up with an intact/self-identified group: this makes it easy! (think of getting with families with like-aged children!)


 You can have dinner at your house (fixing everything or having a pot luck, or have carry/out food or catering) or you can host at St. Paul’s (if the facilities are available) or at a restaurant, or at a park — it’s up to you! You can introduce a topic for conversation or just let the conversation flow. The important thing is to get together and enjoy yourselves. Here is a summary:

    • Having your dinner at St. Paul’s and making it Pot Luck is a great way to save money, not clean your house, and make it simple — all the while keeping the fun factor!
    • Having your dinner in your home is an option if you have the space. Do pot luck, semi pot luck, or prepare the whole meal yourself.
    • Having your dinner at a restaurant is an option if you don’t have space and don’t want to cook. This is the most expensive way to do it, as the host will be responsible for the whole bill.
  • Having a brunch after church, having a picnic in a park, doing “just dessert and coffee” in your living room, are just some creative ideas. Consider your own needs and comfort level with your space and budget.

We recommend you make a group email list of your dinner group members.

Here are the dinner target “months” that spread out the dinners:

  • April
  • June/July
  • September