Grant Foundation

Foundation Grant Program

GenerosityOur Mission: To pursue our vision of justice and peace for all God’s creation, the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ of Westminster, Maryland Foundation (hereinafter termed the “Foundation”) will provide financial support for regional, national, and global organizations that work toward systemic improvement relative to the root causes of major societal issues such as poverty and hunger, homelessness and healthcare.

General Information/Guidelines:

Why: Why are we able to offer these charitable outreach grants? One of our longtime, devoted members willed his estate to St. Paul’s. This gift allows us to assist people in promoting social justice in God’s world.

What: What will we award? St. Paul’s will award grants up to $10,000 each (disbursement amounts and schedule to be determined at the Foundation’s discretion) for proposals that address the goals of our mission. These grants will be awarded specifically toward “root-cause” programs or those that address underlying social problems, according to the following designated yearly focus:

2017 Focus:  [[no further applications being accepted]]

Primary – Poverty
Secondary – Water

(Note: the secondary focus represents the previous year’s primary focus and will be funded only if this year’s monies are not used in their entirety for the current year’s primary focus.)

Who: Who is eligible? Any group or organization that meets our mission statement. How: How do you apply?  Contact the Church Office:

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
17 Bond Street
Westminster, MD 21157

Questions may be directed to us by contacting the Foundation through the St. Paul’s email address ( or by calling the church office at 410-848-5975 and leaving a message.

When: When to apply? Each year, grant applications for the targeted focus will be accepted if they are postmarked or received via email by August 31. Any applications arriving after that date will not be processed, returned, or retained for future consideration. Successful applicants* will be notified by November 1 and listed on our web page. The disbursement of funds (amounts and schedule to be determined at the Foundation’s discretion) will begin after November 1 and will be completed by November 30 of each year. Amount: How much can you apply for? Grants will be awarded amounts up to $10,000 each (disbursement amounts and schedule to be determined at the Foundation’s discretion).

*Applications will be competitively judged by The Foundation committee, and grants will awarded based on the criteria of the committee.

Future Foundation Grant Schedule (subject to change):
2017:  1) – POVERTY   2) – Water
2018 :  1) – MENTAL HEALTH  2) – Poverty

FOCUS 2015:  Primary – Education \ Secondary – Homelessness
The list of 2015 recipients of the St. Paul’s Foundation grants. They are as follows:

MASABA Women Development Group (Kenya)
Friends International (Cambodia)
Carroll County Youth Services Bureau (Westminster, MD)
Literacy Council of Carroll County (Westminster, MD)
New Futures of D.C. (Washington, DC)
One Community! One Mission! (Manchester, MD)
GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) (Baltimore, MD)
Boys and Girls Clubs (Westminster, MD)
Human Services Program – The Carroll County Family Center (Westminster, MD)

Last year (2014) the congregation embarked upon a transitional housing initiative along with several community organizations. Unlike other years, the Foundation committee, with the support of the congregation, decided to put all our funds toward this one project.

The focus of the 2013 Grant Foundation was the Elderly. Some 50 organizations were invited to apply and we received 10 complete applications. This year’s Grant Foundation Committee was pleased to grant supporting funds to the following worthy organizations. Please contact any of the members of the Committee if you would be interested in further information about the process or the recipients. Organizational progress reports will be available to the congregation throughout the year, as stipulated in our granting process.

Caring Carroll
Caring Carroll recruits, trains, and supports a network of volunteers who help to meet the non-medical needs of chronically ill, disabled, isolated, or frail adult residents of Carroll County who are striving to remain living independently in their own homes. Caring Carroll provides services such as friendly visits, minor home repairs, shopping/errands, light meal preparations, light housekeeping, yard work, and transportation. Often these volunteers are the only social, physical, and psychological bridge to the larger community.

Referrals come from local agencies and individuals in the community, volunteers are matched and even partnerships with outside organizations are made such as McDaniel College, The Boys and Girls Club of Westminster and local churches.
West End Place
West End Place, Medical Adult Day Care, is a program of Family and Children’s Services, is located in downtown Westminster and provides nursing services to vulnerable, low-income seniors that reside in Carroll County. Many clients live with family members and attending West End Place during the day allows their family members to work while their loved one is taken care of and can return in the evening.

Services are provided on a sliding scale and include programs of socialization designed to respond to the physiological and social physical and economical needs of the participants. The focus is on enhancing the participants’ quality of life in their more dependent years. By remaining in their communities and preventing institutionalization, clients remain stable longer and report less depression than those that are in skilled nursing facilities, thus achieving a higher quality of life.

Thurmont Senior Center

Thurmont Senior Center provides a place where seniors can come and have a meal, participate in a variety of activities programs and services, and have fellowship which enriches their general welfare. A hot, catered meal is provided 5 days per week, Monday thru Friday, and is served by volunteers. The center also provides local medical personnel once a week to offer blood pressure screening and other testing, and they have regular exercise programs for all who wish to participate. 

Jo Morrison CMP
These funds will be administered by Jo Morrison, who is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP), to establish and maintain an organization in Carroll County which would allow CMPs to minister to sick and/or dying elderly patients in our county for an hourly wage at no cost to the patient or their families. CMPs provide live therapeutic music, which creates healing environments for these patients. Music is known to enhance the healing process and the life/death transition. Therapeutic music may enable a patient in pain to sleep, relax, and heal in emotional ways that help blood pressure and pulse rate to drop to less dangerous levels. It may also provide an atmosphere that helps a patient to “let go” if they have reached a time of transition.
Meals on Wheels
MOW of Central Maryland enables people to live independently at home through the provision of nutritious meals, personal contact and related services. Overall program goals are to help clients achieve optimum health and overall well-being, reduce their social isolation and prevent premature institutionalization.
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund
The organization funds research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Our contribution will go directly to their Whole Genome Sequencing initiative. The Board of Directors funds all operating costs so that all donations go directly to research.