Mission Outreach

Jesus calls us to be a force for good in the world, to continue the work of letting each and every person know the love of God.

Habitat for Humanity We have engaged with the leadership of Habitat over the years and are hoping to participate in an upcoming building/renovation project.Engage with Carroll County Habitat teams to rehab homes or build new homes locally or in Garrett County, Maryland.  The goal is to help qualifying people who want to own a home but who have modest incomes obtain a home with a mortgage level which they can afford.  Both skilled and less skilled volunteers are needed to help with approved projects.  CONTACTS: Jerry Fuss (local), Laura McClelland (Garrett County)  For more info locally, go to

 Prison Release Mentoring  Inspired by years of supportive involvement at the county jail by one of our members, we are working to build a team to make this a regular part of our ministry to the community.

 Mentoring Group –Work as part of a designated team of 4-6 people to support families in Rapid Re-housing situations to maintain stable housing. (e.g., including such things as guidance with financial management and budgeting, home life, tutoring for children, some transportation, systems liaison and advocacy, etc.)  Teams will develop and implement a comprehensive plan with each family with which they are working and meet periodically to coordinate. (Basic background check, application, and training required.)  Contact Marty Kuchma @ martykuchma@gmail.com if you are interested in this worth while effort.