REVerberations – December 2018/January 2019

Marty Kuchma, Senior Pastor 
I just had the great joy of being part of this year’s Advent Workshop. It never ceases to truly amaze me how productive we can be as a congregation, and how much fun we can have while doing productive things. Without sounding too Wesleyan, might I say that I found the day to be heart-warming. I suspect others did too. 
Using items generously donated and meticulously collected and counted over several weeks, baskets were made that are being delivered to members who can’t get to church regularly anymore, baskets were filled with basic necessities and some treats to be given out to our Meal and More guests closer to Christmas Day, various kinds of or-naments and decorations were made to brighten up the church and the world. All of that happened around great food and joyful Christmas music to which many people sang along. 
It never fails that when we need to get something done – across an incredibly broad spectrum of need – passionate, competent, and committed people step up to make things happen. Sometimes I look at groups that come together for various purposes and actively wonder what else the groups might be capable of. It seems like the sky is the limit. And I feel deeply blessed to be among such a gifted and activated and just good and decent group of people.
Thank you especially to Cathy Alles, who pulled it all together yet again with much help from a host of others without whom the event could not and would not have happened like it did! 
No doubt we need to be strong together these days, as events in the world threaten to keep us off-balance, and as health and other significant challenges make life especially difficult to specific members of our congregation and for all of us together. 
I think of the Beatles song that says we “get by with a little help from my friends,” by coming together to take on whatever life presents. We have done that before, and we shall do just that again. Together, we do make the world a better place, for each other and for those we encounter in the world individually and collectively. 
As a practical matter, let me say that one of the best ways we can be aware of specific needs as they emerge is to utilize a mechanism Jo Morrison set up many, many years ago: the email prayer list. That prayer list provides a way for me and really for anyone to share news about particular needs, whether for prayer or other support. I try to share what I can by way of that prayer list, so if you want to know more of what is happening in any given moment in the St. Paul’s universe, I highly recommend that you sign up for the prayer list. To receive updates, if you have not already done so, send an email with “join” in the subject header to Once Jo adds you, you will then receive all updates that are sent out. To send prayer requests to the group, send an email to and describe what you would like prayers for or help with. Those requests will go out to everyone on the list.
Through this Holiday Season, let us celebrate and revel in all that we have together. And let us activate every mechanism for making a difference in the world. The world needs love, and we’re blessed to have that to share. 
Many Blessings! 

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