REVerberations – November, 2014

Greetings All!

I hope this post finds you well as we transition from one season to another.  Let us find hope in the darkness and cold of winter, and work always toward new life in every season.

I want to take this opportunity to address three things if I may.

FIRST, Stewardship season is now upon us.  As I write, the Deacons and the Generosity and Giving Team are working on both a pledge campaign and an upcoming worship service to start it off.  I have written in other places about the importance of being a blessing by sharing blessings.  You will be receiving material that will help you find your way into the process for this year.  That material will stress the importance of maintaining the finances of the church in order to support this wonderful congregation’s various ministries and activities.  Please do seriously consider and generously support the church with your pledge.  And please also consider giving electronically by way of weekly, monthly or other timed automatic withdrawals.  Doing so will help immeasurably in terms of leveling out weekly offerings and providing adequate cash flow.  Let me say here that I have now signed up to give by way of automatic withdrawals.  I always wish the amount could be more – much more even.  But I want to make sure nonetheless that my offering is there.  If we all did the same, we would radically change the nature of our day-to-day financial life.  Join me, please.  And let us be about the work that is ours alone to do in the world.

SECOND, the Sunday Conversation Series has indeed resumed with a focus in the October session on how to bring change to the world.  The next session is scheduled for Sunday, November ____ from 5:00-7:00pm at Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalist Church in Finksburg.  I will lead a conversation about “the Church” and its place in the world, its relevance, and its future.  Potluck Supper begins at 5:00 with Conversation commencing at 6:00.  Conversations tend to be lively and meaningful, and the fellowship is grand, bringing together people who identify with the progressive church in our area.

THIRD, I know that people have been wondering about my hip replacement surgery and that the target date has been in flux now for nearly two years.  The current plan, in which I am quite invested, involves scheduling my surgery for early May, 2015.  That will allow me time to get in shape and be as ready for the surgery as possible.  I have joined a gym and, aside from missing a couple of sessions due to a rather severe cold, I have completed about one month of work-outs directed at cardiovascular fitness and strength training.  I have also more recently started a diet that I am confident will get me on my way toward my goals.  I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement I have received already, and will appreciate continued support along the way.

That said, since we had begun preparing for me not to be here in January, when my surgery was initially scheduled, by agreement with Consistory, I will take one month of sabbatical to work on a new book project, visit other churches for new ideas and perspectives, boost exercise and diet regimens, and potentially involve myself with some other activities through the Westminster Ministerium.  Then, following a month of recovery from surgery in May, during which I will work as much as I can, I will resume my sabbatical through June and July and into the beginning of August.  I will be working with Consistory over the upcoming weeks and months to ensure that my time away is smooth and productive for the congregation and for me.  So stay tuned for more specific information.

Thanks for all the amazing things you do!

Be Blessed and Be Well,


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