The Sanctuary Choir
The Sanctuary Choir

Music is an integral and important part of our worship experience at St. Paul’s. The  Sanctuary Choir  provides music during worship services, and members are encouraged to provide special music in solos or small groups, either vocally or instrumentally.

Choir Rehearsals

Our Bell Choir in a recent worship service.
Our Bell Choir in a recent worship service.

Choir Practice Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal 9:00 am every Sunday with the exception of the last Sunday of the Month

Bell Rehearsal Thursday at 7:00 pm

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St. Paul’s Organ

Organ PipesSt. Paul’s Organ was built in 1941 by the former M.P. Moller Organ Factory in Hagerstown, MD. The instrument consists of four divisions: Great, Swell, Choir, and Pedal — virtually four organs in one — in two chambers on either side of the balcony. The organ contains 24 ranks (or rows) of pipes ranging in tone quality from the beautiful Claribel Flute to the stately Trompette en Chamade.

The church consultant for the organ was Mr. Henry A. Baecker and the design of the instrument is in the tradition of the English cathedral organs of the 19th Century. The dedicatory recital was performed on May 4, 1941, by Virgil Fox — formerly an organist of St. Paul’s — who was known world-wide as a virtuoso performer.