The Really Big Puppet Pageant 12/22/13

We hope you were able to join us for this special Christmas mass orchestrated by the youth of St. Paul’s, Pastor Lucy, and the Music Department.  The kids worked so hard to make sure this was such a warm and touching event: the story of the nativity as portrayed by REALLY BIG PUPPETs as presented by St. Paul’s Children and Youth Ministry 

THANKS: to Jodi Jones who made the costumes for four new puppets and to St. Paul’s youth who repaired, repainted & re-costumed the puppets.


Mary: Erin Snell inside, guided by Addie and Luke Ostendorf-Snell

Joseph:  Jesse Starr inside, guided by Trent and Riley Starr

Angel 1: Joy Fisher inside, guided by Eden Malone and Jayla Fulton

Angel 2:  Crystal Briggs inside, guided by Rowan Witt and Brayden Tabor

Shepherd 1: Jim Kunz inside guided by Tony Kunz and Heather Skinner

Shepherd 2: Peter Chen inside guided by Karleigh Baldwin and Luoluo Chen

Shepherd 3: Bill Kelly inside, guided by Derrick and Justin Skinner

Shepherd 4: Don Timney inside, guided by Jocelyn Skinner and Sydney King

King 1: Murray Heckert inside, guided by Sienna Dale and Alliya Starr

King 2: Brady Baldwin inside, guided by J.D. Flannagan and Malik Blackwell

King 3: Bruce Baldwin inside, guided by Riece and Donovan Baldwin


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