Church Leadership

Every member of the congregation is a leader.  Together we are responsible for the ministries of the church.  And every effort is made to encourage and facilitate involvement in church and community life based on members’ interests, gifts, and passions.  In the past several years we have undertaken a concerted effort to minimize reliance on “standing committees” and, whenever possible, to instead engage task force-based groups to take on particular activities as they arise.

While the congregation as a whole is responsible for its own management and organizational well-being, individuals are elected to provide designated leadership for the work of the church on an ongoing basis.

Consistory is the name we use for the group of elected leaders whose primary charge is to make policy, set direction and transact the business of the church. Consistory meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 7p.m. and at other times as needed. Consistory terms are generally three years. Consistory members are elected at the annual congregational meeting.

Consistory is made up of Elders who form the Spiritual Council and focus on the spiritual life of the congregation, and Deacons who form the Diaconate and tend to financial and institutional matters. Together the Elders and Deacons, relying on the Mission, Vision, and Open and Affirming Statements, strive to move the congregation more fully toward the abundance of life and the vitality of God’s call upon the congregation.

The current Elders are:

Libby Fuss – President
Michael Teare – Vice-President
Vera Douglass – Secretary
Lloyd Helt
Marty Kuchma
Sharon Templeton

The current Deacons are:

Linda Frazee
Ed Gaver
Amy Hammond-O’Dwyer
Carole Scott
Clarence Warner

Brady Baldwin – Youth Representative
Brian Alles – Treasurer