St. Paul’s WISE Congregation

WISE Covenant May 19 2019

By unanimous vote, we affirmed our WISE Congregation Covenant in the Special Congregational Meeting this morning, and we are now officially a WISE Congregation!  Thank you very much to all who have been part of this process in any and every way — Michael for his awesome leadership and passion for this, the amazing WISE Leadership Team that will keep us learning and growing into the future, Church Council for its unfailing support from the start, every person who participated in any of the training or conversations or was part of drafting the Covenant, all who voted this morning and those who submitted proxy votes in their absence, AND all who will become part of the process as we move forward.  The possibilities are seemingly endless as to how we might make God’s love real for all people through what we do next and beyond relative to our WISE commitments.  

Indeed this afternoon, I was speaking with a friend who invited me to come and speak with his staff at a local mental health service agency so that they will know that there is indeed a place for their clients seeking a religious community.  We will also explore ways we might be supportive of their work.  On Thursday of this week, I have been invited by NAMI Baltimore to speak at Sheppard Pratt about our WISE process to a group of about 50-60 regional interfaith clergy who are interested in what their congregations might do about mental health, substance abuse, and brain disorders.  And Michael and Jamie will lead the second session of their NAMI Peer Support group here at 7:00 pm in May 29.   There is so much we can do…

Today, we made history with our vote.  And there is much more history to make!

Rev Dr. Marty Kuchma



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